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2018 Calendar 

Explore a full year of focusing on your spiritual qualities - the real you! Stunning flower photos are matched to excerpts from my book You Are Spiritual. You Do Live in Heaven. For example, January begins with its two quotes and definitions for patience. Eleven months later,  December brings quotes and definitions for spiritual.  

Can Dragons and Frogs Be Friends?

A bully learns a life-changing lesson from his victim and a victim learns that compassion and forgiveness can change a heart - even one belonging to a frightening enemy.
Spiritual Qualities - the Card Set
These beautiful flower cards have the quality words. The list of the flowers' names are included. 
Use them for reminders. 
Share with friends and family. 
Use as thank you note cards, too! 
Packages of 50.

You Are Spiritual.  You Do Live in Heaven.

A beautifully bound book that opens flat to reveal over a hundred spiritual qualities matched to garden flowers - the Floral Graces.  Each page has three sizes of one flower; a quote from the Scriptures (KJV) and a quote from a person of long ago such as Benjamin Franklin.

Author's Space

Connect to ideas for teaching, photographs for enjoying, and 'Random Thoughts'... 
a life time of ideas shared.
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Card Set of 100 Different Flowers

Perennial Geranium

$25 for 50 Set A


$25 for 50 Set B


$25 for 50 Set C 

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