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A 'Celestial' Being

Thinking of of people and yourself as 'celestial beings' is not the usual way to think.  Me, included. Somehow even thinking about being a celestial being is beyond my poor self that needs to eat, sleep, and exercise. However, my dear aunt (See 'About Us') insisted I learn and understand how it could be. 

My takeaway?  I have noticed that if I really hold to a spiritual quality, such as orderliness, and clean out a drawer and over the weeks do the laundry on the same day, there is a difference. Maybe it is expectation. Maybe it is opening the kitchen drawer and seeing the stacked, yes stacked, forks and spoons that makes one feel rather good. Like a different type of accomplishment. Finding the socks in the same place, knowing the laundry will be done before the dirty clothes outnumber the clean ones is, well, nice.  Opening my purse and actually knowing the credit card is where it belongs, is a touch of harmony that I have come to like. 
(I have yet to find the credit card I lost after using it at the gas station. I had tossed it onto the seat.  I will find it some where...or order a new one.)  Orderliness would have put it back in the purse immediately and in the right place. 

If this is harmony, if this is closer to heaven as my aunt suggested, then 'orderly' is on my list of things to be.

The products found at this site are to move one's thought in the right direction - heavenly harmony.  Every item has a flower on the front with a spiritual quality written on it.

Postcards.  A set of ten different spiritual qualities and  its definition on the back. 

Greeting Cards.  Greetings or  thank you notes, share floral graces with others..  A set of 12: 3 each of 4 different qualities.

Journals. A beautiful cover, and pages with B&W flowers and a floral grace.

4"x 4" Word Cards. Post or carry.  There are 52 - should you decide to do one a week!

Book: Volume I. 26 qualities - your Floral Graces - lead you to living and being more spiritual, that bit of heavenly harmony.
                           A set of 10
Definitions on back

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