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Be in Spirit. Live in heaven.

Spiritual qualities were explained to me for the first time in 2000. A dear aunt assured me that a spiritual quality was my true ‘being’ in Spirit. “Learn them and live them,” she said. I was intrigued.  

Buying a journal, I recorded a spiritual quality on each page such as ‘joy’ and ‘tenderness’. Over the years, I added their definitions and related quotations. Eventually, over 100 pages were filled. “Stop just writing them down!” my aunt admonished. “Pay attention to them - live them, see them in others.” 
 I wasn’t sure what she meant. 

 In the Scriptures, a quote for ‘good’ showed up in the book of James: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights.” My aunt said ‘good’ referred to a spiritual quality - invisible and eternal - and by living it, harmony happened, life in heaven. “Be the qualities daily,” she said. I thought about it and wondered, “How can a person live in heaven?”

A turning point for the project came while sorting my flower photos. Why not match each flower to a spiritual quality? The idea for Floral Graces was born. Each photo   ‘just matched itself’ to a quality. The red canna lily said, ‘Rejoice!’ A pink rose lit by the sun said, ‘Lovingkindness.’ 

At first, my goal was a book, a collection of Floral Graces. Then, a friend suggested a calendar. “To get used to putting the floral graces together,” she said.  

As I worked on the calendar and continued with the book, I started to pay attention to the spiritual qualities in myself and other people. Life became calmer, more harmonious. My aunt would be happy. 

     :) Trudi

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